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Wrist Warmers & Yoga Socks

I have a pair of socks that I’ve loved (and worn) to pieces but I haven’t been able to bring myself to just toss them out quite yet. Oh the fun I’ve had tromping around in them! I decided to extend their life just a wee bit more by turning them into yoga socks and wrist warmers with just a few snips of ye olde scissors…

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Yoga Socks

These socks are actually in pretty good shape except for where the balls of my feet have made everything all threadbare so I made them into yoga socks. Yoga socks are essentially normal socks with the toe and heel removed so that you get a little bit of warmth and still be able to get a little traction on the mat.

I simply trimmed the toe off by following the stripes (how handy!) making sure to include the entire see-through patch. Next, I removed the heel. The heel on these socks happened to be a solid color so I just cut around the border created by the stripes and voila! Instant yoga socks!

Now, these nifty socks aren’t going to last forever. The unfinished edges aren’t particularly sturdy and will eventually warp. Since these socks were already doomed, I’ve been tossing them in the washing machine along with everything else. Any extra wears I get out of them before it’s time to send them on to the great beyond are just happy bonuses so I’m not too heartbroken if they don’t make it through a wash cycle. You can always hand was them if you want to cherish these a little longer.

The Steps Steps Steps

Wrist Warmers

Wrist warmers call for more drastic scissor action. I only make wrist warmers from socks that are beyond all repair (aka HUGE GAPING HOLES all over the bottoms) but have a nice pattern on the leg.

Since these socks have those lovely stripes, I just followed the orange line and cut across the front, up around the top of the heel and around the other side. and voila! Wrist warmers!

The cut edges roll up so nicely and cover up any little mistakes I made with the scissors so I decided to just let them be!

Project Type


  • Total: 10 minutes


  • Socks


  • Scissors


The socks I used for this project are medium weight socks but you could use light weight socks too! Heavy weight and hiking socks tend to have an insulating layer of material on the inside (it looks like miniature terry cloth) which means that any edges that curl might not look as nice as the edges on these medium weight socks do...


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