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Finger Gnomes

Finger puppets are great. You get to slip a little something on your finger and shizzam! You’re a tiger/mermaid/banana/llama/guppy/pine tree in an instant! Plus they’re so tiny and easy to make… However, there is one draw back to the average finger puppet. You become whatever that finger puppet is without much input of your own. When you slip on a little outfit, though, you can draw whatever face (or underclothes!) you want and give the whole thing a smidge of extra personality. Plus you can use up those ridiculous little scraps of yarn that always seem to be left over from a hat project. You know, the ones that are too small even for pom poms but too long to just give up on. I keep a little jar of these mini yarn balls on my craft table… just in case.

The Steps Steps Steps

For the Sweater
Cast on 18 stitches. Knit 6 rows. Place Marker, Knit 9, place marker, Knit 9. Knit to two stitches before each marker, knit two stitches together. Repeat around until there are 13 stitches left. Bind off. The decreases form the shoulders of the sweater. The cast on edge is the bottom of your sweater and the bind off edge is your neck hole.

for the sleeves:

Where the decreases begin (about halfway down the body of the sweater) pick up three stitches by slipping the needle under your knit fabric until there are three loops of yarn over the needle. Pick up three more directly below the first three. Leave a two inch tail and knit around these six stitches until the tube measures 1 inch. Break the yarn, leaving a long tail (about 3 inches). Using your big sewing needle, draw it through your six stitches and tie a square knot. Thread the tail down through the sleeve and into the body cavity of the sweater. Snip off the excess. Repeat for the other side.

Thread in your the remaining tails at the bottom and neck of the body of your sweater and trim off the excess.

For the Hat
Cast on 13 stitches. Knit two rounds. At the beginning of the next round knit two stitches together. Continue decreasing one stitch at the beginning of every round until you have three stitches left. Break yarn and pull through the remaining three stitches. Tie a square knot and thread the tail down through the inside of the hat. Thread in the tail at the brim of your hat and trim off the excess.

Now, it’s time to draw a mustache, pop your wee outfit over your finger and have a tea party!



Project Type


  • Total: 1 hour
  • Working: 1 hour
  • Before gifting: 1 hour


  • Yarn


  • Double Pointed Knitting Needles
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Needle (Large)
  • Stitch Marker


This tutorial assumes you've done some basic knitting in the round and know how to decrease.

These sweaters are for small adult fingers (mine, to be specific). Through some trial and error you can pretty easily make these sweaters larger or smaller by changing the yarn, needle size or casting on a different number.

I used DK weight yarn on a set of four, size two double pointed knitting needles for a very tight, firm fabric.

My guage for these particular outfits 20 stitches over four inches.

Try adding small buttons, sewing french knots with contrasting yarn, or knitting in stripes to shake things up! Really... the world is your knitting oyster.

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